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Hair Loss Solutions

What makes us different is the customization we offer.  Hair loss and replacement is a deeply personal process, and our aim is to create a solution that’s personalized to your specific situation. Each piece, whether bonded or removable, is customized to blend seamlessly into your existing hair. Our goal is to help you feel more like yourself.

Daily Wear Options

Easipieces or Easihair are human hair pieces that can be ordered in various sizes and colored to camoflauge small areas of hair loss or larger areas of thinning hair. They are attached by clips or tapes and must be removed daily.

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Toppers are synthetic or human hair top-of-the-head hairpieces that are attached with clips or a clip/tape combination. They are customized to blend seamlessly with your natural hair. 

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Wigs are synthetic, Heat Defiant synthetic, or human hair. They can offer an immediate change for almost anyone.  A wide range of styles and cap construction makes it possible to fit any budget and provides the flexibility to find the best match for your particular situation.



Long Hair Bonding utilizes a human hair topper that is bonded to the top of your head without the need to shave or cut your natural hair.  Bonding with a medical grade adhesive will provide 4-6 weeks of wearing hair that will move, style and behave just like your own... but better!  Showering, outdoor activities and an active lifestyle can all be done easily with this system  A 4-6 week maintenance appointment keeps you looking great every day.

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Bonding is a method of attaching a customized human hair top-of-the-head system to someone who has no hair or little hair on the top of the head.  Virtually undetectable, thin skin and lace systems allow you to wear your hair off the face for a realistic-looking hairline. Poly and hybrid systems allow for longer durability.   A 3-6 week maintenance appointment will keep you looking great all the time.

Integration Systems are human hair toppers that integrate with your biological hair and use small tapes to secure.  They are perfect for those with early to mid stage thinning.  Maintenance appointments every 4-6 weeks are needed to maintain this look perfectly.

Long Hair Bonding
Thin Skin Bonding
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