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Council Bluffs 
20 October 2023

We’re always learning!
Karen-Anne, Kris, and Kelly attended a great hair show at the Mid America Convention Centre last weekend. They enjoyed some amazing Artists and got to see some new trends for Autumn and Winter. 
Be ready for Shags, Bixies, and bottleneck fringe.  90’s blowouts are back!
Beautiful new golds, reds and coppers in the colour arena, and lots of internal layering and soft texture are on the horizon…
…it just might be time for a change!


PHD Hair Solutions Full Service Salon and Hair Replacement
By Angella Arndt

Karen-Anne owner of PHD Hair Solutions,

Please read our story in the October issue of Women's Edition magazine. 

Cover of Women's Edition

Great hair can enhance our look and even reflect our personality. Are you happy with your hair, or would you like a new style? Is your hair as thick as ever, or are you experiencing noticeable hair loss? PHD Hair Solutions is ready to help you with all of your hair needs. This full-service hair salon also specializes in non-surgical hair replacement options for people with hair loss or hair thinning.
Karen-Anne Misiewicz grew up in England. Her father was in the military, and the family moved to the United States when she was a teenager. She attended beauty school before relocating to Nebraska and worked for a large salon chain for several years before deciding to open her own salon.

Pemberley’s Hair Design opened in 2002 as a full-service salon, but Karen-Anne and stylists Kris Benke and Kelly Herall have worked together for over 30 years. Karen-Anne and her team solve many hair challenges, including flatness, lack of shine, and lack of volume. However, there was one challenge she was unable to solve—thinning or loss of hair. Determined to find solutions, she attended a summit and learned about non-surgical hair replacement options. Karen changed the salon’s name to PHD Hair Solutions in honor of their expanded service offerings. “We solve hair problems, and I wanted a name that reflects our mission,” Karen-Anne explains.

While the salon provides traditional services like cuts, coloring, perms, smoothing treatments, brow and facial waxing, and manicures, Karen-Anne says that the hair replacement services set them apart from other salons. “Our approach is unique because we customize all hair systems. We do sell stock systems; we just customize every one to suit the individual clients needs. We want clients to wear something that looks natural and restores a look that they have lost.” Customization may involve cutting, coloring, or perming to achieve a client’s desired look.

Hair replacement solutions include daily wear and multi-week wear options. Daily wear options include Easipieces, toppers, and wigs. Three to six-week options include long hair bonding, thin skin bonding, and integration systems. “We help clients choose the system that is best for their desired look and lifestyle needs,” Karen-Anne says.

Easipieces are made of human hair to camouflage small hair loss areas or larger areas of thinning hair. These pieces come in various sizes, are attached by clips or tape, and are removed daily. Toppers are synthetic or human hair hairpieces placed on top of the head. These hairpieces are attached with clips or a combination of clips and tape and blend seamlessly with natural hair. Each system requires a maintenance appointment between three to six weeks to maintain the look. Wigs are available in synthetic and human hair options in various styles and cap construction to fit any budget.

Long hair bonding is a human hair topper bonded to the top of the head. This technique is commonly used in cases of male and female pattern baldness and androgenetic alopecia, Karen-Anne explains. This technique’s advantage over others is that the head is not shaved. “Most women do not want to lose what little hair they have left, and this technique avoids that,” Karen-Anne emphasizes. The topper is bonded with a medical-grade adhesive, which results in hair that moves, styles, and behaves like natural hair. A maintenance appointment every four to six weeks keeps the style looking great.

Thin skin bonding is used for those with little or no hair on the top of the head. This lightweight, virtually undetectable, and customized human hair top-of-the-head system provides a realistic-looking hairline. Integration systems are human hair toppers that integrate with the client’s own hair. This system is secured with small tapes and is ideal for people with early to mid-stage thinning hair. Clients keep their look fresh with a maintenance appointment every three to four weeks.

New clients undergo a thorough consultation to assess the hair, scalp, desired look, and lifestyle needs to determine which system is best for their situation. People who spend a lot of time outdoors, participate in sports, or like to travel have different needs. “We need to know what is important to a client to achieve a customized look that also fits into their routine,” Karen-Anne points out.

The salon has a private room for hair replacement services. “This is a very personal experience, and we want to give people the privacy they need.” Karen-Anne and her team treat every client with care and respect. “I get so much happiness from making people feel good about how they look, and it is rewarding to have someone come to you with a problem you can solve.”

PHD Hair Solutions is located at 333 South 78th Street, Suite 120, in Omaha. Call 402-614-8440 to schedule an appointment or find them online at

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